DAT streamer and Linux Technical Details and Usage

Our DAT streamer ARCHIVE Python 28454-XXX is connected to second SCSI controller ncr815. Only two little modifications were useful for convenience: (1) I created /dev/tape as the link to /dev/nst0, and (2) linked /bin/mt to /bin/mt-st in order to have the possibility to set variable block size. The device is available for disk group.

Usage and recommendations:

  • mt setblk 0 (to set variable physical block size)
  • mt rewind
  • dd if=/dev/tape bs=96b | tar xf - (to read our tapes written at Sun)
  • mt status, mt fsf, etc. (for tape positioning)
  • tar cfb - 96 dirs | dd of=/dev/tape bs=96b (write to tape)

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    Last updated 31.07.1997.
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